At Eastern Radiator Service we know that in todays world there are pressures on people and their families to reduce costs, often resulting in the 'Do It Yourself' (DYI) way of doing things.

DYI can be a practical solution when the tasks involved don't require specialist installation and test equipment, and when there's little risk of a malfunction that may cause injury.

Common Radiator

Although replacing a radiator yourself may seem easy there are a number of checks and tests which can't be done at home. Here are some of them -

  • Rubber hoses can't be examined for fatigue. Would you know what to look for?
  • Sediment in the system and engine block must be removed. How?
  • Is the electric fan system working correctly?
  • Is the thermostat operating at the correct temperatures? How can you measure them?
  • Does a running system have water at the correct temperature and pressure? It can be explosive if it's wrong!

Then there's the purchase of a radiator. Is it the correct type? Is it all Aluminium alloy? Does it have a plastic tank? .. and here's the crunch - does it come from a respected quality manufacturer and would the warranty be valid?

When your safety is at risk and when you're not properly equipped for the task there's only one reliable and safe solution - bring your vehicle to Eastern Radiator Service and let us do a professional service for you. Sure it might cost a little more, but you get the peace of mind knowing your radiator system has been serviced to maximum efficiency, a system that's safe and operates correctly, and a warranty of up to 5 years!

ERS provides a same day service1 for vehicles dropped off in the morning.

  1. Same Day service is provided for common or routine radiator replacements or repairs. Unusual problems that may be found might affect the final availability of the vehicle.